Friday, May 4, 2012

FREE Premier Weekend & Contest

Thats right its Back. FREE Premier weekend.  This is your chance to check out what all the BUZZ is about.  Just what does it feel like to have SOOOO much art at your finger tips without eating up your hard drive???

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Contest ends when the free weekend officially ends.  Any questions please ask before then.

Thanks Melissa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday Dinner- Easy Turkey dinner

Another easy meal i used to make for my Hubby and I when we first got married was an easy turkey dinner.  

Take deli turkey about 3-4 slices stacked on top of each other.  (preferably low sodium)  lay a slice of chees on top and a spoonful of prepared stuffing.  now roll it up and lay in a microwave container.  Make several rolls and then cover them with a jar or gravy.

Because everything is precooked you only have to microwave for a few minutes until cheese melts and serve.  

This is also a great meal if you didnt eat all your deli meat and think it may go bad in the next few days.  if it hasnt started showing signs of spoiling yet whip this up for dinner with whatever deli meat you have.  I have done it with ham and salami and it was good too but watch out for the sodium.

I like to serve mine over toast like an open face sandwich.

Hope you enjoy this super quick meal today.  


Sunday Dinner- Amazing Chicken Marinade

Hers another wonderful chicken recipe.  I came across this one on when looking for easy dump chicken recipes.  Dump chicken is basically a sauce you marinade the chicken in and then dump into a pan to cook.  easy, simple recipes and it was perfect for my freezer cooking.

Rather then retype the whole recipe I am just posting the link to where i found it.

One change i did was: i used all lemon juice and regular mustard from the fridge cause thats what i had, and left out the black pepper because i didnt have any.  Even my kids loved it and didnt need any dip for the chicken.  which is great because they always use dip...

Hope you enjoy this one too.